Parker is the chief cook and bottle washer at the shop, with over 30 years experience taking care of all sorts of broken bits.  He probably spends more time here than would be ideal for his mental health – as portrayed on our new water bottles.


Jacob is one of a select few to attempt a bikepacking trip across the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.  Unfortunately, the trip ended in a neighbor’s swimming pool after a wrong turn.  As a result of this experience, Jacob is now an expert at removing water from inside bicycles, having attended the extensive 3 day seminar.


Zach grew up at the bottom of the Quabbin.  He spends his off days returning to his home and casting his fishing line into the depths, hoping to recover some remnants of his former life.  He usually returns to Amherst with a heavy heart, and a bag full of waterlogged Honey Stinger waffles.  Those waffles last forever.  Zach is always happy to help you with your bikes, but don’t mention the Quabbin around him.


Brian just moved here from New Orleans.  In accordance with local tradition, he was raised by gators.  Naturally, Brian mostly eats roadkill, so please bring some to the shop (where we have him safely contained inside).  Of course, since Brian is inside the shop, and is a live gator, you cannot enter at this time.  Thank you for your understanding.