The Big Boss Man! If you’ve ever been in to our shop, you’ve probably met Parker. With more than 30 years of experience, Parker’s got the solution to your bike troubles.


Noah used to have long hair, but now he doesn’t. He holds the record at UMass for most consistently being five minutes late to class exactly, but he’ll never delay on getting your repair back to you as soon as possible. He also doesn’t like writing about himself that much.


Liz has been with us for two seasons now, and has been at the UMass Bike Coop for longer. Her roommate in high school was the under 18 Scrabble Champion. Liz currently ranks 4th in the Valley in Badminton. Her on the court prowess caries over well to her repair skills in the shop.


Jacob is the first American to win the International Settlers of Catan Tournament, patenting the Wheat Port maneuver that now dominates the competitive scene. While ruthless in the realm of Catan, his customer service skills are bar none.


Zach is the first person to have visited every single Dairy Queen in America by bike. He claims to be a direct descendant of her majesty the Dairy Queen herself. His dedication to the pursuit of high quality soft serve has made him into a formidable mechanic.


She’s a shop dog, and she’s pretty good at her job.