LDB: Where it all started

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1984: Bicycle World Too opened in downtown Amherst
1987: The shop moved to its present location
1998: Name change to Laughing Dog Bicycles




About “The Dog”

Max the dog, used as our logo, belonged to Parker, the shop owner. Max was a border collie mutt rescued from the Springfield Animal Shelter by Parker’s friend at college. He was brilliant and although identified in the picture as a high-profile canine wanderer, Max actually crossed the road at designated intersections and waited for the pedestrian signal. He evaded the dog catcher twice by moving to a nearby porch and pretending to live at the house. Max could be seen in the 80s and early 90s walking downtown with a full popover in his mouth, courtesy of his friend’s at Judy’s restaurant.






More recent customers and visitors to the shop may remember our friendly gal Betty. Always patient and kind, she was a favorite with kids and adults alike, and people would stop in just to visit her. She did make the police beat once, when she visited the road crew pouring fresh cement on the sidewalk.